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Creating trust in a networked world

For decades, we have seen ourselves as an innovative pioneer for sustainable products and services in standardization. Over time, we have evolved from a publishing house to a multimedia service provider, and our portfolio has become increasingly digital.

  • This is because new technologies also change the needs of the users of standards, and we align our products and services with these users.
  • We refine the "raw material" of standards content into products and services of the highest quality by integrating standards information into internal company applications, supporting standards-related business processes with data services and integrating these into our own database with full-text searching. This means that the information is available exactly where it is needed by our customers.
  • We are a driver of “SMART technology”, making us a leader in Europe of this type of technology. SMART means that standards content can be processed, made applicable and readable via automated systems and then made available digitally in a wide variety of formats.
  • As a leading publisher, it has always been important for us to work together with important partners and to form strong networks in order to jointly develop forward-looking solutions. We have been cooperating with other setters of technical rules for many years, exchanging ideas intensively with companies and working in partnership with research, science and associations. 
  • We have therefore geared our portfolio towards the future with a digital focus. This portfolio comprises standards products (national and international standards and specifications), standards management solutions (software and services) and publications & services (specialist content, training and seminars).
  • Almost all of our products and services are available at, our one-stop shop.

The mission statement of DIN Media
  • Being part of the DIN Group is a key aspect of our self-image - we are committed to the Group’s common mission statement and benefit from the brands, services and topics covered by DIN Group.

    The common goal is to make standardization technologies, processes, products and services safe and globally applicable for everyone and thus strengthen the innovative power and competitiveness of German industry.

  • DIN Media publishes German and international standards and facilitates their practical application by providing specialized technical publications and information. In addition, we procure international standards and collections on behalf of our customers. We focus on the needs of our customers and prepare our standards content digitally in the way they need it. We guarantee high quality through continuous updates. 

    We rely on a lively exchange, efficient work processes and sophisticated quality management systems. As a reliable partner, we offer you tangible assistance that allows you to work more successfully and productively. Our products and services make your business processes safer, simpler and more efficient.

  • We focus on relevant core markets: building and civil engineering, mechanical engineering and quality management. These sectors are notable for their high market shares and sales volume. We are experts in these areas, with a wealth of technical knowledge that runs deep.

    We are also actively developing new markets that show attractive sales potential and growth rates. By moving swiftly and with a solid objective in mind, we can then turn these promising potential markets into core markets. As process specialists, we are also in the position to cultivate small markets in an efficient and standardized manner. Despite the fact that these markets often do not promise large market shares or are already occupied by the competition, they are nonetheless important for our earnings stability.

  • With broad-based product portfolio, we are oriented towards both small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) and large corporate customers. Our target groups are decision-makers and users of technical information and solutions for training and professional practice.

  • DIN Media’s intelligent combination of standards, technical information and data is truly unique.  With our publications and services we offer our customers a tremendous value from just one source: time savings, security and access to a highly-qualified professional network are just a few of the advantages our customers can benefit from.

    Through the DIN Academy, we offer professional ongoing education courses and also support the safe application of standards and technical rules.

    We provide not only standardized modules, but also customized solutions that are tailored specifically to meet the needs of our customers.

  • Our partners include cooperation partners, authors, innovators, speakers and service providers from both science and research and the field. Their ideas and feedback also help us to constantly move forward and grow, both in terms of content and profitability. In doing so, we continually review, maintain and expand our business relationships, placing particular importance on fair conduct.

  • DIN Media can look back proudly on an almost 100-year company history and sees itself as an integral part of the DIN Group. Only together can we maintain our leading position and develop it further.

    We are open to new ideas and promote innovative approaches. You can rely upon us to stand by our word. Clarity, honesty and reliability are core to our business and values that we proudly uphold. This is how we achieve an atmosphere of trust that will enable us to remain a successful and profitable company for years to come.

    Our continued success depends on well-trained and knowledgeable employees. We are all eager to continually learn new things and are willing to take on new tasks and challenges. We offer an attractive workplace, and this includes the ongoing training and education of all of our employees. In our work together, we attach great importance to thinking and acting across hierarchies and disciplines. In this way, we support our employees to develop their full potential.

DIN Media – Key facts (current as from 2019)

  • Founded in Berlin in the year: 1924
  • Ranking among the 100 largest publishing houses in Germany: 17
  • Ranking among the 20 largest technical publishing houses in Germany: 11
  • Active customers: approx. 168,000
  • Employees: 187
  • Sales in EUR: 74.4 million
  • International sales (as percent of total sales): 13.1 percent
  • Titles available for delivery: more than 760,000
  • Book trade articles: approx. 3,200
  • Number of active authors: 1,118
  • Number of new book publications each year: 117
  • Events and seminars each year: more than 350
  • Top speakers: more than 168

(Source: Book report – the 100 biggest book publishers in 2019)

Managing Directors  Dominik Grau, Marion Winkenbach

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