Moving forward with a new name

This year we are celebrating our 100th anniversary. We are taking advantage of this occasion to rename ourselves for the future. Why are we doing this? Our colleagues will tell you.

Ready for the transformation!

With our new name, we are expressing our changed self-image and are positioning ourselves clearly as part of the DIN Group. This way, we will heighten our profile externally and promote a common identity under the DIN brand name.

Our new name, DIN Media, also underlines our increasingly international orientation and brings our innovative, application-supporting products into focus. We are consistently pursuing the path we have taken in our development: from publisher to partner and designer in the digital transformation.

Our new name – DIN Media – a clear commitment to the future at all levels.

“We are looking ahead”

Our Managing Director Marion Winkenbach provides exciting insights into the 100-year success story behind us, as well as an outlook on the challenges that lie ahead. In this interview, she talks about application-supporting products, the digital transformation and artificial intelligence.

Answers to the most important questions
  • The renaming is the result of a strategic realignment and an expression of our new self-image. We are therefore using the year of our 100th anniversary to position ourselves for the future with a new name.

  • Nothing will change in your daily work. Your contacts and usual processes remain the same.

  • No. For you personally, nothing will change. Agreements and commitments made, as well as all contracts and subscriptions will of course remain unaffected by our name change.

  • No, it will remain the same.

    Company registered at: Amtsgericht Berlin-Charlottenburg, HRB 3357

  • No, only the account holder will change.

    Account holder: DIN Media GmbH

    Bank: Commerzbank Berlin AG

    IBAN: DE23 1008 0000 0920 9104 00


  • The telephone numbers will remain the same. Only the ending of e-mail addresses will change, from to (

    For a transitional period, you can of course still reach us via the DIN Media e-mail addresses you are familiar with.

  • Continue to use the login area on our website as before: with your user name and password.

    Our webshop will be converted on the day of our renaming on 22.04.2024. You will receive all information on this in good time. However, nothing will change for you in terms of content. Until then you can continue to reach us under

    If you log in via a different URL, e. g. for your online service, there will be no change for you – simply use your existing access data.

  • No, your access data will remain the same.