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Standards Worldwide
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Standard [CURRENT] 1984-08

DIN 876-1:1984-08
Surface plates; natural hard rock surface plates; requirements and testing

from 34.60 EUR VAT included

from 32.34 EUR VAT excluded

Standard [CURRENT] 1984-08

DIN 876-2:1984-08
Surface plates; cast iron surface plates, requirements and testing

from 49.20 EUR VAT included

from 45.98 EUR VAT excluded

Standard [CURRENT] 2017-07

DIN 35227:2017-07
Mechanical joining - Fatigue testing of mechanically joints

from 99.10 EUR VAT included

from 92.62 EUR VAT excluded

Standard [CURRENT] 2022-12

DIN 50100:2022-12
Load controlled fatigue testing - Execution and evaluation of cyclic tests at constant load amplitudes on metallic specimens and components

from 216.10 EUR VAT included

from 201.96 EUR VAT excluded

Standard [CURRENT] 2016-08

DIN 51200:2016-08
Materials testing machines - Design and application of holding devices for test pieces in hardness testing machines

This standard applies to the appropriate design and use of devices for holding specimens to be tested on a hardness tester for hardness testing in accordance with, for example, DIN EN ISO 4516 ...

from 63.80 EUR VAT included

from 59.63 EUR VAT excluded

Standard [CURRENT] 2022-10

DIN 51220:2022-10
Materials testing machines - General requirements, calibration and verification of materials testing machines

from 56.60 EUR VAT included

from 52.90 EUR VAT excluded

Standard [CURRENT] 2014-10

DIN 51233:2014-10
Material testing machines - Safety specifications - General specifications

from 106.30 EUR VAT included

from 99.35 EUR VAT excluded

Standard [CURRENT] 2000-12

DIN 51302-2:2000-12
Materials testing machines - Strain cylinder test method for compression testing machines for concrete

from 49.20 EUR VAT included

from 45.98 EUR VAT excluded

Standard [CURRENT] 2019-08

DIN 51308:2019-08
Verification of auxiliary devices for application and measuring of forces in building - Clamp-devices, hydraulic cylinders, dynamometer for clamp aim

from 49.20 EUR VAT included

from 45.98 EUR VAT excluded

Standard [CURRENT] 2022-08

DIN 51309:2022-08
Materials testing machines - Calibration of static torque measuring devices

from 91.80 EUR VAT included

from 85.79 EUR VAT excluded


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