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Standards Worldwide
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Key Industry Sectors

Our publications are divided into key industry sectors, each of which has been assigned its own colour.

This programme structure is based on the ICS classification system. The sectors are located in the navigation bar on the left. Use this to limit your search – and find the standards, specialist publications and services you Need.

Building and civil engineering
This category contains technical rules, current technical literature, loose-leaf collections and online services for everything to do with building.
Standardization, Technical principles, Metrology
Here you will find current titles from DIN Media on standardization, technical principles, metrology (general, terminology, standardization, documentation).
The "Materials" category contains titles involving all aspects of materials.
Quality, Services, Management
The full range of DIN Media publications dealing with quality, management and Services.
Building services
The list includes all about building Services.
Energy, Electronic engineering, Electronics
In this category you will find the latest literature and all technical rules, plus online services and loose-leaf collections from DIN Media on energy, electronic engineering and electronics.
Mechanical engineering
This category covers the field of mechanical engineering in all its facets (technical rules, specialist literature, online services and loose-leaf collections).
Health care, Food and agriculture
Current publications dealing with health care technology, food technology and agriculture are located here.
Environmental protection, Occupational safety, Safety
In this category you will find all publications from the fields of environmental protection, occupational safety and safety.
Sport, Events, Consumer goods
All publications revolving around sport, events and consumer goods are included in this category.