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At last: 

Beuth Verlag is now DIN Media. 

You can find out more about our new name and the reasons behind it here.

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DIN Media


With maximum performance and the flexibility to adapt to your needs.

  • Intuitive operation for users and administrators
  • Integration of XML-based content incl. meshing with the document creation process
  • Developed in close cooperation with lead users
  • For an offer, please contact us at: +49 30 2601-3111

Nautos capabilities

Intelligent search function to find documents quickly 

57 individually configurable search fields access 2.35 million records - incl. clear overview of search results, filter functions for refinement and records that can be selected for further processing.

Document management

So that you can evaluate in a targeted manner, display linked contents or compare predecessor and successor documents directly. Practical functions help you do this.

Easy-to-use editor

Display existing documents and contents, create your own new documents or integrate existing contents where they belong - shared together in the team and always comprehensible for everyone.

Work with personal favourites

Use the customizable folder descriptions and your company favorites to monitor records, manage them, or share them with the team.

Simple licence management

An automatic licence check takes effect for groups, users and documents or collections. For administrators, licences are automatically assigned.

Nautos Online Hosting Module: A cloud solution for document management

Nautos now offers you a new online hosting module - the perfect cloud solution for secure access to your documents, independently of your IT, anytime and anywhere. 

Nautos module ReqIF converter: Convert XML-based documents to ReqIF.

The latest Nautos module is an XML-based format for exchanging requirements. It enables you to use standards content in your requirements management systems in a granular way.

Waterproof solutions

The BRITA Group is one of the leading companies in drinking water optimization and is known for its water filter systems. In order to guarantee their quality and safety, the company works with numerous standards.

Read our interview with Dr.-Ing. Stephan Eichhorn, Head of Technical Affairs in the BRITA Group. He explains how our standards management system Nautos supports in everyday work.

What sets Nautos apart

FAQs about Nautos

  • All customers will be migrated to Nautos starting in January 2021. Perinorm customers will be migrated first, then all e-Norm customers.

  • With Nautos, it is our aim to optimize all existing core processes; we will work directly with you - our more than 100 lead users are a clear sign that it is important to us AND our users that we work hand-in-hand to develop Nautos. We are sure that, for this very reason, this partnership represents a big step towards the future for all our users while also ensuring that existing processes are transferred:

    • from intuitive searching to quickly finding documents
    • the structured marking of data and documents for projects
    • targeted monitoring and distribution of information
    • efficient order management
    • fast and safe license management with data and documents at user level
    • recording and updated own data with a release process

    Many other “smaller” functions will continue to be available, such as external links, e-mails when there are updates and orders, company favourites, linking of versions, and many other additional functions.

  • Yes, there is a version of Nautos for intranet customers. After careful assessment, we will provide you with detailed technical specifications for using individual services in your intranet environment.

  • Yes. We will migrate your user data from Perinorm and e-Norm. An example of how the current versions will be combined: Your e-Norm favourites and shared profiles in Perinorm will be combined into a shared, personal favourites folder in Nautos.

  • Yes. In transferring your user data we will also migrate your existing links to documents to the new system. Users will continue to be able to access your documents in Nautos.

  • The existing access options via IP or single sign-on will continue to be supported. Further authentication methods are being reviewed based on user surveys.

More standards management solutions
Standards Ticker
Nautos Standards Manager

Selected references

We need to know the challenges of our customers in order to develop efficient and successful standards management solutions such as Nautos.