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Publication DIN Handbook 193 2018-11

Fasteners 5

Basic standards

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About this product

New Edition of DIN Handbook 193 “Fasteners 5 - Basic standards”

The 4th edition of DIN Handbook 193 once again provides the user with a current reference volume containing basic standards on fasteners in a handy, compact format. Basic standards are standards which should remain unchanged over long periods of time, as they largely specify basic geometric requirements that are crucial when it comes to the interchangeability and compatibility of products. Consequently, the changes made since the last edition of this DIN Handbook, in addition to predominantly editorial revisions made to standards on geometric dimensions, have mainly focused on terminology standards. To ensure unambiguous communication in today's worldwide fasteners market, the specification of clear designations and definitions has become increasingly important. A good example is a standard new to this compilation: DIN EN ISO 1891-2, a multilingual standard (nine different languages, including Chinese and Japanese) that specifies terms and definitions for fastener coatings primarily intended for corrosion protection and functional purposes.

What is new?

This updated volume contains 40 fundamental standards on fasteners overall, covering such areas as countersinks and counterbores, widths across flats, thread runouts and thread undercuts, bolt and screw ends, stud ends and tapped holes for compression couplings, driving features, tolerances for screw threads and, as previously mentioned, key terminology.

Eleven standards have been revised for this edition including DIN 918 “Fasteners – Terminology, spelling of terms, abbreviations” as well as Supplement 3 to DIN 918, which provides a current overview of European standards on fasteners and their relationship to German national standards.

English translations of German DIN Standards

DIN Handbook 193 is one of a series of six handbooks on fasteners. The series comprises the following volumes:

  • DIN Handbook 10
    Fasteners 1: Dimensional standards for bolts, screws and studs, National Standards
  • DIN Handbook 43
    Fasteners 2: Standards for pins, rivets, keys, adjusting and retaining rings
  • DIN Handbook 55
    Fasteners 3: Standards for technical delivery conditions for bolts, screws, nuts and washers
  • DIN Handbook 140
    Fasteners 4: Basic and dimensional standards for nuts
  • DIN Handbook 193
    Fasteners 5: Basic standards
  • DIN Handbook 362
    Fasteners 6: Dimensional standards for bolts and screws, European Standards

Standards on threads for general and special applications are compiled in DIN Handbook 45, “Threads for engineering” – the ideal complement to the DIN Handbook fasteners series.

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Publication date: 11.2018

4. Edition, 618 Pages, A5, Paper covers, Print

ISBN 978-3-410-27495-7 | Order number 27495

eBook 978-3-410-27496-4 | Order number 27496

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