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Publication DIN-Taschenbuch 479 2024-02

Kautschuk und Elastomere

Physikalische und chemische Prüfverfahren

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About this product

Rubber and elastomers
Physical and chemical test methods

(Please note: This publication is only available in German)

From car tyres and hair ties to dummies for babies: The possible applications for rubber and elastomers are extremely diverse, and the requirements for the material vary accordingly. Test methods ensure that the materials meet the conditions of the respective application. A variety of physical and chemical processes are available for this purpose. Standards contain the specifications for many of these procedures. This compendium brings together the most important standards in this field. The collection of standards includes tensile, tear, penetrant and elongation tests to determine aspects such as hardness, load-bearing capacity, viscosity and vulcanization characteristics and much more. Fundamental aspects such as nomenclature and tolerances are also covered in the printed documents.

The fields in DIN handbook 479 are organised as follows:

  • Basic data
  • Raw materials
  • Rubber compound, unvulcanized
  • Elastomers, vulcanized

The book also contains a list of other relevant standards for the “rubber and elastomers” industry.

General principles and diverse testing standards

The number of methods available for testing rubber and elastomers is as varied as the materials they are made of and their areas of application. Chemical and physical methods are included. The compilation in this volume makes it easier for those responsible to make a selection and helps them to use materials optimally and professionally. “Kautschuk und Elastomere” contains:

  • Basic standards
    These include terminology standards - also for different languages -, standards on the basics of test preparation, on requirements for storage, cleaning and maintenance and on tolerances.
  • Testing standards
    The largest part of the book is taken up by the test standards, which are dedicated to the natural rubber latex raw material, as well as the various unvulcanized rubber compounds and vulcanized elastomers. From the use of a viscometer to tensile tests, artificial ageing and weight loading to compression set tests and much more, users can find out everything they need to know about the specific test methods in well over 800 pages. DIN handbook 479 contains the specifications for the most important tests required in professional practice.

The 42 documents include eight new standards — for determining the hardness of elastomers and the viscosity of unvulcanized rubber — and fourteen amended documents.

The book contains a list of other relevant standards from the sector.

Newly included standards:

DIN ISO 48-2, -3, -4, -8, -9
DIN ISO 289-1, -2, -3

Amended standards:

DIN 53504
DIN EN ISO 3451-1
DIN ISO 815-1, -2
DIN ISO 1382
DIN ISO 1431-1, -3
DIN ISO 2005
DIN ISO 2285
DIN ISO 3302-1
DIN ISO 3384-1
DIN ISO 4649
DIN ISO 6133
DIN ISO 23529

This book is for:
Companies involved in the production and processing of rubber and elastomers, testing institutes, experts, materials experts

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Product information
Publication date: 02.2024

3. Edition, 856 Pages, A5, Paper covers, Print

ISBN 978-3-410-30842-3 | Order number 30842

eBook 978-3-410-30843-0 | Order number 30843

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