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Publication DIN Media Praxis 2018-10

Three Steps Starting Effective and Efficient Risk Management according to ISO 31000

Dr. Frank Herdmann
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Dr. Frank Herdmann

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About this product

Three steps for implementing effective and efficient risk management according to ISO 31000:2018

Practical guidance
This bi-lingual brochure (German and English) enables the user to develop and implement a professional risk management in three steps. It describes approaches for integrating risk management into the company's existing management systems. It provides comprehensive information on the topic, but focuses in particular on simple and quick application – a solid basis for an initial risk management that helps prevent internal risks and reduces liability for organizational negligence.

Fast and effective risk management
This guide helps to establish an efficient and effective risk management. Small and medium sized enterprises will find practical step-by-step instructions for a customized risk management.

Topics included
The brochure explains the functioning of a risk management loop and breaks down the standard DIN ISO 31000:2018 into specific steps:

  • Framework setup
  • Process setup (risk management loop)
    General, leadership and commitment, integration, design, implementation, assessment, improvement
  • Application of process (risk management loop)
    Risk identification, risk analysis, risk assessment, risk treatment

The brochure includes illustrative diagrams to facilitate comprehension. It describes the interaction between risk management and internal auditing from a national as well as international perspective (including the Institute of Internal Auditors diagram in an Annex). Moreover, emphasis is placed on the bilingual format of the book (German/English) which is particularly relevant for companies with an international reach.

Target readership:
Business leaders, line managers, controllers, process owners, risk managers and all other parties involved in the design and implementation of risk management processes, particularly in small and medium sized companies

Document preview
Product information
Publication date: 10.2018

1. Edition, 88 Pages, A5, Paper covers, Print

ISBN 978-3-410-28710-0 | Order number 28710

eBook 978-3-410-28711-7 | Order number 28711

Details about the publisher and authors


  • Dr. Frank Herdmann
Also available in
Three Steps Starting Effective and Efficient Risk Management according to ISO 31000

Herdmann stimulates interest in developing risk management especially in SMEs
The Handbook highlights the common-sense character of ISO 31000 and its iterative approach, stressing the important contributions of human and cultural factors and the key role of decision making …
Steve o’Brien, associate researcher in global risk management for the graduate School of Engineering ESAIP, France and Convenor of the terminology group for ISO TC 262

A very accessible introduction to ISO 31000
Even larger enterprises may find the approach valuable, and it provides a good basis for any business person who wants to understand what risk management is about …
Michael Parkinson, Retired convenor of national mirror committee

A tool for understanding the implementation process and components of risk management in line with ISO 31000 for all stakeholders
(The book) serves as an excellent framework for individuals within corporate leadership seeking to learn about and deepen their knowledge, as well as implement risk management for both the understanding of the Risk Management integration in general and the 2018 guidelines. 
Sandy Weiner, Leadership Mindfulness Coach and Designer of integrated, collaborative change

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