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Publication DIN Media Praxis 2023-11

Three Steps to Effective and Efficient Security Management

Aligning to ISO 28000

Dr. Frank Herdmann
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Dr. Frank Herdmann

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About this product

From production and transport to storage — there is a lot that can go wrong within a supply chain. DIN ISO 28000 “Specification for security management systems for the supply chain” provides a normative framework which enables an optimal course of action. It serves to increase corporate security through the development and preservation of a reliable control system. This handbook contains a “step-by-step” guide for effectively putting DIN ISO 28000 into practice and should also help popularize the standard in Germany.

In line with the three steps (planning, do, and check & act), the book addresses the following aspects:

  • statutory and regulatory requirements
  • roles and responsibilities
  • security objectives
  • security strategies, processes and procedures
  • performance evaluation and optimization

Furthermore, the book makes reference to accompanying standards such as ISO/PWD 280018 and to conformity assessments in accordance with ISO 28000, and there are general instructions on the application of ISO 28000.

Professional security management in three steps

A security concept for the whole supply chain makes sense — in particular in an increasingly global and diversified economy. Certification in accordance with DIN ISO 28000 creates security for the trade partners. This makes it all the more important to make the application of the standard as straightforward as possible. This book is a valuable working aid which allows even small and medium enterprises to optimally manage their security system.

The book explains the professional process for the three steps:

  • Planning
    In the first step, the company’s basic requirements for its security system are considered and aspects such as responsibility, aims and resources are addressed.
  • Do
    This is where operational security planning and management are presented, the necessary control mechanisms as well as strategies, procedures and processes for maintaining security are outlined and crisis management are also addressed.
  • Check and act
    Successful security management also includes success monitoring and optimization. This book discusses methods of performance evaluation and improvement.

With its clear comprehensible structure and its practical applicability, this book provides the ideal guidance for a step-by-step implementation of a system for security management.

Included in this book:

  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Three steps - the concept, scope and aim of this publication
  • Step 1: Plan
    • The Context of the Organization
    • Leadership
    • Planning
  • Support
  • Step 2: Do
    • Operation
  • Step 3: Check and act
    • Performance evaluation
    • Improvement
  • Upgrading security management:
  • Security in the supply chain
  • Additional guidance in companion standards
  • Conclusion

This book is for:
SME management, QM, management and risk officers, general contractors responsible for security, management consultancies, further education institutes, auditors


In his compact handbook, Frank Herdmann describes the process he recommends for setting up a control system for corporate security according to the steps “Plan”, “Do” and “Check/Act”. 

The content is marked by varied and frequent changes of pace; theory, case studies from a fictitious medium-sized enterprise, illustrations, tables, checklists and practical tips/recommendations ensure that information is conveyed in a refreshing and engaging manner.

The handbook is a worthwhile read, especially for medium-sized enterprises and experts who would like to learn more about the ideal implementation of the new ISO 28000 in professional operations.
Dr. Volker Ressler, Vice President of Robert Bosch GmbH

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Product information
Publication date: 11.2023

1. Edition, 202 Pages, A5, Paper covers, Print

ISBN 978-3-410-31719-7 | Order number 31719

eBook 978-3-410-31720-3 | Order number 31720

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  • Dr. Frank Herdmann
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