Managing your company standards

The challenge is to make searching for standards easier and more efficient.

What is company standard management?

It sounds very simple right? In order to work with company standards, employees have to be able to find them. But the problem is that many of the documents are not that accessible based on content. Particularly when you are working with a multitude of documents, it can be very difficult to identify the specific one you need. A document that cannot be found quickly is also unlikely to be used. This problem is costing your company time and money. Your employees are busy searching for information that is available, but not really easily accessible.

Can this problem be solved with a standards management system?

Unfortunately only partially. Your documents can be integrated into tools such as Perinorm or e-NORM. But if content-related search criteria is not available (e.g. search criteria or classification), these documents will still be difficult to find. But, we can change this with our analysis tools.

This is how we make the content in your company standards accessible

You can have your company standards or other technical documents (PDF files for example) analysed by DIN Software's "Semantic Standards Information Framework", or "SNIF”.

Take advantage of our know-how. We have decades of experience in content extraction and the content management of standards. Our experts will analyse your company standards using SNIF. Our innovative, semantic search engine makes it possible to dive deeper into the content of standards, extract information and generate knowledge.

When the results of the analysis are complete, we will deliver metadata that provides valuable insight on your documents. By integrating this into your standards management solution, your searches will become considerably more effective.

The benefits:
Why a company standards analysis will pay off for you

  • Your employees can track down the company standards they need, quickly and efficiently. Search times are reduced.
  • Thanks to targeted access to truly relevant documents, your employees’ wealth of knowledge will be expanded.
  • Your company standards will have detailed descriptions similar to those for DIN, EN and ISO Standards.
  • Semantic analysis identifies interconnections among company standards as well those with DIN, EN, and ISO Standards
  • Multiple definitions of the same subject matter in your company standards are identified, reducing unwanted redundancies.

Your standards. Your metadata. Your choice.

Take advantage of our decades of experience in the analysis of standards information.

Customized analysis

The analysis of your company standards is 100% tailored to your specific requirements and your documents.

Smarter search and better results

You will receive metadata on your company standards with a similar level of detail as for DIN, EN and ISO Standards: Citations, replacement documents, keywords, classes and much more. This allows you to search your company standards efficiently and quickly identify specific standards that you need.

Take advantage of our expertise

Are the citations in your company standards up-to-date? Or has a newer edition of a standard been published? The DITR database works in the background to make sure your metadata is current.

We speak your language

Do you work with specialized, internal company search terms or classifications? Then we will make your documents accessible based on this specific criteria.

Open up new possibilities

Would you like to be able to search for special phrases, such as material or part designations? We extract the desired information from your documents.

Smart combinations

We will deliver your metadata in the format you wish, and you can easily integrate it into your standards management solution. Search your company's internal database that contains your complete standards collection, including your company standards.

We help you maintain an overview

Do your company standards originate from different sources? We will help you with the integration of your standards collection, either by providing uniform metadata or by comparing the content of documents. We can determine whether the same content has been specified in multiple company standards.

Your data is safe

We guarantee this with a non-disclosure agreement. Neither your company standards nor your metadata will land in the hands of any third-parties. We generate the data one time based on your order and delete it upon completion of the project.

Analysis of company standards will pay off!

  • Delivers customized information for your business processes
  • Integrates company standards into your standards management solution
  • Reduces search times significantly and delivers more accurate results
  • Increases your employees’ knowledge by enabling access to relevant document content
  • Identifies interconnections among company standards as well those with DIN, EN, and ISO Standards
  • Prevents content redundancies in your collection of company standards

Let’s get started

Getting started with an analysis of company standards is easier than you think! We will help you with the migration and implementation of all your current documents and processes.

Interested? Then contact our standards management experts!

Talk to our experts directly. We are happy to answer all your questions about standards management.

Benefits at a glance

Stay up-to-date
Ensure that your collection is always current.

Cost savings
Use licences sensibly and leverage synergies.

You work with documents using valid licences.

Process support
Procurement, releases and distribution run smoothly.

Standards management solutions at a glance


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Search functions, procurement, document viewing and favourites monitoring

Automatic document delivery*

User rights and licence control

Search for standards worldwide

Integration of your own documents (company standards)

Customized user interface and document identification, release workflow

Document editor

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