Product compliance and standards management

Find out why product compliance is so important, and how standards and standards management solutions can help you with this task.


What is product compliance?

When we talk about “compliance”, we are referring to “product compliance”: Product compliance – or product conformity –  describes all regulatory provisions that a product must uphold to be available on the market.

As a consequence, companies bringing products to market fall under the legal obligation to take the actions necessary to ensure product compliance.

Manufacturers and distributors must guarantee that their products are designed and made in compliance with the relevant requirements of EU Directives and undergo a conformity assessment procedure.

If the conformity assessment takes place with reference to standards, these must be checked regularly to ensure that they are up-to-date. The Directives must be continually monitored.

Why is this so important?

Product requirements are becoming increasingly complex. In addition to the usual technical requirements, legal regulations (such as EU directives) are playing a more important role.

Manufacturers face a great responsibility - they are liable for ensuring that their products are in line with all relevant requirements laid out in such Directives.

If damages occur as a result of non-compliance with the requirements, there is a risk of serious consequences. These range from reputational damage to costly recalls and severe penalties.

You can avoid these risks by taking advantage of our Identification and Monitoring services that keep track of the requirements on products in your portfolio. 

DIN Media can help you with product compliance using standards management solutions

  • We will provide you with all the information you need on both EU Directives and the harmonized standards that can help you make certain your products are in compliance.
  • DIN Media standards management solutions allow you to systematically track any changes in the standards and Directives that impact product compliance and support your company in this process.
  • As a leading technical publishing house, DIN Media offers you a wide array of practical literature dealing with product compliance and conformity.

Benefits at a glance

Stay up-to-date
Ensure that your collection is always current.

Cost savings
Use licences sensibly and leverage synergies.

You work with documents using valid licences.

Process support
Procurement, releases and distribution run smoothly.

Standards management solutions at a glance


SMEs up to large companies


Microenterprises up to SMEs

Search functions, procurement, document viewing and favourites monitoring

Automatic document delivery*

User rights and licence control

Search for standards worldwide

Integration of your own documents (company standards)

Customized user interface and document identification, release workflow

Document editor

Can be combined with

Standards Ticker/doc and XML documents


According to offer

Starting at 87,00 €

* in combination with Standards Ticker/doc