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White paper: How to find the perfect standards management system for you

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Why is a standards management system necessary at all?

The initial situation differs from company to company; it is for this reason that different companies need different solutions. At the latest, the need for a new system becomes important when there is a concrete requirement and a deadline by which a process must function (for instance: "The traceability of documents was found to be inconsistent during the last audit"). A standards management system also makes sense when the idea comes from the purchasing or accounting departments because they have noticed duplicate orders. In such cases, the necessary acquisition costs can be clearly justified. This also applies when construction or production errors occur due to the use of historical (withdrawn) standards. A new system is absolutely necessary if legal provisions or contractual regulations prescribe certain standards.

In addition, when you download our free white paper, you will also discover:

  • When looking for a standards management system, the question “Where do I want to be?” is important, as is the question “Where am I?”
  • What do you want to achieve with a standards management system and how can you define your objectives?
  • Your own in-house standards management system, off-the-shelf software or customizing: Designer solution with standard software that is adapted to your company's needs
  • Cost analysis and cost factors
  • Data migration from legacy systems
  • Conceptual support
  • Conversion of documents
  • Checklist: Things you should pay attention to when selecting a provider