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Standards Worldwide
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Standard [CURRENT] 2023-06

DIN 70064:2023-06
Road vehicles - Basics for bi-axial wheel testing for commercial vehicles

from 42.10 EUR VAT included

from 39.35 EUR VAT excluded

Draft standard 2024-05

DIN EN 1493:2024-05 - Draft
Vehicle lifts; German and English version prEN 1493:2024

from 216.10 EUR VAT included

from 201.96 EUR VAT excluded

Standard [CURRENT] 2023-04

DIN EN 1493:2023-04
Vehicle lifts; German version EN 1493:2022

from 197.50 EUR VAT included

from 184.58 EUR VAT excluded

Standard [CURRENT] 2021-04

DIN EN 1829-1:2021-04
High-pressure water jet machines - Safety requirements - Part 1: Machines; German version EN 1829-1:2021
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This document also features in an online service. Online services not only give you electronic access to collections of standards, they contain lots of extra information too (such as directives, legal texts, commentaries, etc.). There are automatic updates on a regular basis – and online services also give you large savings compared with the cost of purchasing standards individually.

Suitable online services

from 135.10 EUR VAT included

from 126.26 EUR VAT excluded

Standard [CURRENT] 2021-09

DIN EN 13423:2021-09
Natural gas vehicles - Requirements for NGV workshops and the management of compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles; German version EN 13423:2021

This standard is part of the DVGW body of rules.

from 112.30 EUR VAT included

from 104.95 EUR VAT excluded

Standard [CURRENT] 2019-09

DIN EN 16652-2:2019-09
LPG equipment and accessories - Automotive LPG vehicles workshops - Part 2: Personnel competence and training; German version EN 16652-2:2019

from 77.90 EUR VAT included

from 72.80 EUR VAT excluded

Standard [CURRENT] 2015-12

DIN EN 16661:2015-12
Road vehicles and Tyre Pressure Gauges (TPG) - Interoperability between Tyre Information Systems (TIS) and TPG - Interfaces and Requirements; English version EN 16661:2015

The objective of this standard is to establish an interoperable interface between in-vehicle tyre information systems (TIS) and the tyre pressure gauge (TPG). According to European Regulation No.

from 99.10 EUR VAT included

from 92.62 EUR VAT excluded

Draft standard 2018-01

DIN EN 17003:2018-01 - Draft
Road vehicles - Roller brake testers for vehicles of more than 3,5 tons GVW - Safety requirements; German and English version FprEN 17003:2017

from 123.40 EUR VAT included

from 115.33 EUR VAT excluded

Standard [CURRENT] 2021-12

DIN EN 17281:2021-12
Safety requirements - Vehicle cleaning equipment; German version EN 17281:2021

from 123.40 EUR VAT included

from 115.33 EUR VAT excluded

Draft standard 2020-09

DIN EN 17507:2020-09 - Draft
Road Vehicles - Portable Emission Measuring Systems (PEMS) - Performance Assessment; English version prEN 17507:2020

from 151.90 EUR VAT included

from 141.96 EUR VAT excluded


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