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Nautos Standards Manager
  • All tasks related to procurement, delivery and updating
  • Licence management and administration of your company’s Nautos
  • Customization of each task according to your specific needs
  • For an offer, please contact us at: +49 30 58885700-50

What a Nautos Standards Manager can do for you

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A strong connection

You can only sign up for a Nautos Standards Manager in combination with one of our standards management solutions.

Procurement etc.

Support in the procurement, delivery and updating of documents

In order to use standards properly, they first have to be purchased, delivered to the user and then continually be updated. Our Standards Manager will take on these tasks for you.

Teamwork in action

For teams: Licence management and document platform

You work in teams? Then licence management or the administration of a document platform for your employees could be an issue - the Standards Manager can take care of it.

Customized offer

Individualized consulting and definition of tasks

Because every company works with standards differently, we tailor each offer to fit your needs: The Nautos Standards Manager will only take on tasks for your company where it makes the most sense.

Individualized consulting

Wide array of consulting services

Outsource standards management completely or just get support in certain areas? We offer you consulting services and service packages - all of which can be booked individually and according to your needs.


  • Nautos Standards Managers are our employees who take on tasks on your behalf that would otherwise be carried out in your company's standards department. You can only use the services of a Nautos Standards Manager in combination with one of our standards management solutions.

  • Nautos Standards Managers check the availability of language versions, determine procurement costs, check existing network licences, handle order requests - including those for documents published outside Germany - procure the desired documents for you and coordinate invoicing centrally via DIN Media.

  • One advantage is that you are invoiced by a single service provider instead of receiving several individual invoices from each publisher. In addition, your documents are provided via download or are uploaded to your standards management solution, Nautos.

  • The Nautos Standards Managers obtain quotations from all publishers of technical rules, check different variants based on the pricing models, regularly adjust licences, set up access rights for the documents and monitor compliance regulations, including copyright.