Standardization monitor

The Standardization Monitor gives you an excellent overview of your industry. Get a fast and clear overview by email.

  • Monthly updates on current standardization projects at DIN.
  • Individually tailored to your needs.
  • Always up-to-date from the DIN databases.
  • New: Results also as an Excel file.

Free standardization report, individually configurable

The free Standardization Monitor from DIN Media helps you stay informed about the current status of standardization. What do you need to do? Simply define the search terms and topics that are relevant for you, and every month you will receive a standardization report tailored to your needs.

The Standardization Monitor enables you to do what was previously only possible with a great deal of research: introduce your own points of view into standardization, evaluate new provisions at an early stage and thus strengthen your own competitiveness.

A knowledge lead
You will be better informed than your competitors and will know which standards are coming out in your sector.

Our monthly report informs you about relevant standards projects and deadlines.

You decide which topics you want to be informed about.

Save time
Let the Standardization Monitor do the research for you and be sure not to miss anything.

What is in the report? 
  • Important details
  • Current project phases
  • Document numbers
  • Title
  • Abstract
  • Search terms found
  • Link to project or standardization body
  • Standards committee (only within .csv file)
  • Working body (only within .csv file)
Search results as a .csv table

In addition to the report as an e-mail you will receive the search results in a .csv-file. 

  • Additional data fields: standards committee, working body, project phase number
  • Quick analysis: individuel sorting and filtering according to search term, project, phase, working body, etc. 
  • Simple communication: selection, preparation and forwarding of content in just a few steps
  • Unlimited portability: can be evaluated in the spreadsheet program of your choice

Download sample file 

Stay informed

This video (in German only) explains the advantages and benefits of the Standardization Monitor.

How do I sign up for the Standardization Monitor?
1. Select your topics
2. Register for free
3. Ready!
Standardization monitor explained step by step

In this video, we show you how to set up your own standardization monitor and how to work with your personal report.
(In German only)

What’s going on in standardization?

Download our flyer giving an overview of the advantages of the Standardization Monitor (in German only).


  • The Standardization Monitor is free - and will stay free - and is an information service of DIN. The aim of this individually configurable service is to enable users to inform themselves about relevant current standardization topics and to encourage them to take part in standardization. This is why the Standardization Monitor service is free.

  • Every 30 days, the Standardization Monitor searches the DIN database of current standardization projects on your behalf using search terms or combinations of search terms defined by you. If it finds projects that match your search terms, it checks whether their status has changed since the last check. You will then receive an e-mail report on all standardization projects that meet both criteria.

  • There is an autocomplete function based on the DIN database of keywords. After entering a few letters in the search field, you will receive suggestions for completing search terms.

    In addition, we have curated search term lists for some key topics and stored them in the help section so that you can use them to configure your report.

  • The Standardization Monitor enables active participation in the standardization process: It allows you to keep an eye on standardization either on a purely informative basis or, where necessary, you can get involved at an early stage. It takes into account all standards development projects and acts as an early warning system. It finds relevant projects based on keywords and acts independently of ICS groups to identify cross-cutting documents within all ICS classes.

    Standards Ticker monitors a portfolio of documents defined by you and thus fulfils a control function. In addition, semi-annually it provides information on newly published standards thematically related to the documents in your portfolio.

  • The Standardization Monitor takes into account all standardization projects at national, European and international level (DIN, DIN SPEC, DIN EN, DIN EN ISO) and informs you about their development from idea to a completed published standard (see Was bedeuten die Phasen-Nummern in meinem Normungs-Monitor Report? (this article is only available in German)).

  • The Standardization Monitor searches the following fields in the standardization projects database:

    • Title of the standardization project
    • Abstract of the standardization project
    • Description of the responsible standardization body
    • Descriptors (=keywords) of the resulting standardization document (assigned as soon as the document is available as a draft)
  • Yes, you are completely free to choose your own search terms. Although the Standardization Monitor supports you with an autocomplete function when choosing search terms, you can add your own terms, too.

  • Yes, you can change and supplement your search terms at any time and as often as you wish.

  • You have the choice of either defining individual search terms or linking two search terms at a time. Linked search terms will only be searched in combination, and standardization projects will only appear as a hit if they contain both search terms.
    Tip: Linked search terms do not count as two terms, but only as one.

  • Every standardization project is included in the report where at least one of the defined search terms or one of the search term combinations is found. Standardization projects that match several search terms or combinations of search terms only appear once in the report.

  • You always receive your Standardization Monitor report in two formats: as text in an email and as a table in a cvs file. The csv file has two advantages: It contains additional data fields (currently standards committee and working body), and it allows independent filtering and sorting of the search results, which makes them easier to search and more accessible.

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