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Standards Worldwide
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ARINC Standards


ARINC Standards (Aeronautical Radio Incorporated) are published by the US-based SAE Industry Technologies Consortia (SAE ITC®), an affiliate of SAE International®. SAE's membership is comprised of public and private organizations collaborating in a neutral forum with the aim of driving innovative solutions to key industry challenges.

"ARINC Industry Activities", a program of SAE ITC, organizes the activities of the groups AEEC, AMC, and FSEMC to cooperatively establish consensus-based, voluntary aviation technical standards which no one organization could develop on its own. ARINC Standards describe avionics, cabin systems, protocols and interfaces for more than 10,000 types of aircraft used throughout the world.

The three groups are:

  • AEEC (Airlines Electronic Engineering Committee) – Develops engineering and technical standards for all segments of the aviation community.
  • AMC (Avionics Maintenance Committee) – Develops maintenance-related technical standards.
  • FSEMC (Flight Simulator Engineering and Maintenance Committee) – Develops technical standards related to simulation and training.
ARINC Standards – available in the DIN Media Webshop

Here you will find an overview of all the ARINC Standards available in the DIN Media Webshop.

There are three classes of ARINC Standards:

  1. ARINC Characteristics: Define the form, fit, function and interfaces of avionics, cabin systems and aircraft networks.
  2. ARINC Specifications: Define the physical packaging or mounting of avionics and cabin equipment, communication, networking and data security standards, or a high-level computer language.
  3. ARINC Reports: Provide guidelines or general information found by the aviation industry to be preferred practices, often in relation to avionics maintenance and flight simulator engineering and maintenance.

Networked aircraftDigital aircraft & flight simulatorsAnalogue aircraft & flight simulators
CharacteristicsARINC 700 seriesARINC 700 seriesARINC 500 series
SpecificationsARINC 800 series

ARINC 600 series

ARINC 400 series
ARINC 400 series
ReportsARINC 800 series

ARINC 600 series

ARINC 400 series
ARINC 400 series

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