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German Steel Institute (VDEh)

The Stahl-Eisen-Blätter offer users in-depth steel know-how.

  • This collection describes the latest technologies in the steel industry.
  • It standardizes test conditions and description of material properties of different steel groups.
  • It enjoys a high level of acceptance at the national and international level.


  • The Stahl-Eisen-Blätter of the Steel Institute (VDEh) are technical guidelines that are created through joint work in technical-scientific specialist groups. They maintain a high degree of neutrality with respect to the public, which puts their acceptance on par with national, European and International Standards.

    • Describing the latest technologies in steel and current state of the art
    • Standardizing test conditions and description of material properties
    • Documenting available expert knowledge
    • Building consensus among experts
    • Accelerating the implementation of new knowledge into application
    • Carrying out preliminary work for standards

    Every expert as well as every company or research institution interested in these Stahl-Eisen-Blätter has the opportunity to contribute to the work. It is requested that the Steel Institute (VDEh) be informed immediately if any inaccuracies or the possibility of incorrect interpretation become apparent in the application of the sheets, allowing any deficiencies to be rectified.

  • The Stahl-Eisen-Blätter are an important tool for: metallurgists and materials scientists, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers and other employees of the steel and supplier industry.

  • The Steel Institute (VDEh) is the publisher of Stahl-Eisen-Blätter. These technical guidelines are developed through joint work in technical-scientific specialist groups. They are an important means in the preliminary stages of standards work, for example, for the standardization of test methods and describing the properties of steel. The valuable knowledge and experience of steel manufacturing companies are incorporated into this work.


The Stahl-Eisen-Blätter comprise the Stahl-Eisen-Prüfblätter (SEP), Stahl-Eisen-Werkstoffblätter (SEW) and Lieferbedingungen (SEL), Stahl-Eisen-Einsatzblätter (SEE), and Stahl-Eisen-Betriebsblätter (SEB).